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Rush Hour at the Delhi’s Spice Market




When I was wandering around the ancient parts of Delhi, I came across this beautiful architecture in the heart of Old Delhi called Khari baoli. This place used to be a step-well laid by Khwaja Abdullah Laazar Qureshi during the reign of Islam Shah (Salim Shah), the son of Sher Shah Suri. It is now used as a spice market centre and is one of the busiest streets in Delhi. The corridors of this ancient structure are now filled with spice wholesalers and the labors who load and unload these spices. There is a weird urgency in this space, people are always going somewhere, yet I could isolate a moment of stability and stillness in a worker who stands still on the main intersection and watches everyone going around.


Abhishek Pandey

Photography for me is the perfect way to express what I feel, which transcends beyond the boundaries of language and culture and helps me to present my perspective to the world. I've been a very reserved and shy kid, and making images made me feel liberated and confident about myself. I feel photography has the power to bring people from all across the world closer and feel for each other.

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