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Lumen prints of flowers

Ribeira Grande


Since my childhood, I’ve always liked flowers. My maternal grandmother grew flowers and I helped her sow, plant and water.
Now, in the gardens of my house, I still grow flowers, something so fragile, but of unparalleled beauty.
In the spring and summer, I usually pick flowers in my garden, by the roads and in the forests and on the shores of my island’s wetlands to make lumen prints as a way to perpetuate their ephemeral beauty.
Flowers are very important in Nature: they can feed insects, birds, mammals and humans. They can provide natural medicines for humans and some animals. Flowers are wonderful creations of Nature. The beauty of flowers is of great importance not only from an aesthetic point of view. Many flowers have evolved to become increasingly attractive to pollinating animals, such as bees, wasps and bats. Thus, flowers are of enormous importance to the economy.
In addition, flowers add color to landscapes. Without them, the landscapes would be monotonous, a mixture of greens and browns.
Flowers transport us to a world of pure beauty, where there is no place for hatreds, wars, social inequalities, environmental pollution. Flowers are the Paradise on Earth.

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Paulo Monteiro

Paulo Monteiro was born June 1963, in S. Miguel, Azores, where he currently lives and works. He has been a photographer since 1985. He has developed long term projects about various subjects, such as popular religiosity, profane festivities, architecture, landscape, Nature, or the world of work.

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