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Catherine Edelman Gallery presents Marina Black’s solo exhibition ‘Unseen’

OPENS JUNE 11, 2021

Catherine Edelman Gallery is pleased to present Marina Black: Unseen , the artists’ first solo gallery exhibition in the United States . The show opens June 11 and runs through August 28, 2021. There will be a public reception on Friday, June 11, from 5:00 – 7:00 pm. Masks are required to enter the gallery.

The gallery will be open to the public on June 12, and June 15 -19, from 10:00 to 5:30 pm. Thereafter, we will be open by appointment.

In the Studio

There are many photographers whose work reveals its intent upon first viewing. Then there are photographers like Marina Black, whose images reveal themselves slowly, allowing the viewer multiple interpretations. Black cites Goya’s work. Her series Hasard Anticipé casts children as the subjects through which fear, joy, trauma, and innocence are addressed. Marina Black presents photographs of daily activities – dancing, a soccer game, children swimming – that seem ordinary until wires, ropes, and other objects obscure reality and the identity of those pictured. Black invites the viewer to construct their own narratives while suggesting that innocence is something to attain, and should not be taken for granted.
In her newest series, Palimpsests , Black creates fictional histories for unnamed people. As she says: “I have been slipping in and out of multiple characters, where my invented protagonists are closer to characters of a novel, I call the Unlikely Archive. They live through diverse historical periods and traverse vast geographies. Their faces and stories reflect the stories of those who have gone before, resulting in multilayered fictions. Slipping into my characters’ minds, I work on their behalf, from making history to being caught in it.” Once again, Black provides hints into a photograph’s meaning, while the viewer fills in the events. Together, Hasard Anticipé and Palimpsests ask more questions than are answered, offering meanings that change based on our own past.

Marina Black was born in Moscow, Russia, and currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

Marina Black : Unseen
June 4 – August 28, 2021
Catherine Edelman Gallery – 1637 W. Chicago Ave – Chicago, IL 60622

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Marina Black

Marina Black is a visual artist who works in photography. She originally studied history and painting; while her interest in either hasn't diminished, it… More »

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