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Ali Hashem Daily Work

Bandar Abbas


Iran Hormuz Island has one of the worlds most famous red ocher mines, from which ocher is extracted, and a long history in the countrys mining industry.

The island is located about 18 kilometers southeast of Bandar Abbas and occupies 42 square kilometers: covered by sedimentary rock and layers of volcanic material on its surface, with vast deposits of red ocher.Hormuzs ocher is used in at least twenty different industrial products like paint, cosmetics, tiles and ceramics, mosaics, ocher and glaze pottery, and the production of industrial micronized powders, among others. Even the islands native people used ocher for making a traditional kind of food named Souragh. But working conditions for laborers in Hormuzs mines are very difficult, with one of the main issues being workplace conditions and a lack of safety facilities. The mine and factory belong to a private company that, according to its miners, does not pay enough to … The factory has been closed for about three years.

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Mehdi Nazeri

Mehdi Nazeri Gahkani, and I was born in April 13th of 1988 in Bandar Abbas, one of southern cities of Iran. I started self-trained… More »

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  1. Hi Mehdi Nazeri, thank you for this great photo documentary.
    I would like to see other your reportage from Iran to help us get to know your country better.
    Best regards, from France πŸ™‚

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