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The Beloved War Widow

I captured this women with her permission while she was just passing by me at a very quite and lonely place. It’s evening, birds are flying high and the breeze is calming. This place is very near from the society where i live. Its a huge open land with 3 ponds of water treatment surrounded by untouched trees and some farms. Living so near to this scenic view, still very few people know about this place .

As soon as i saw her, she covered herself in veil. I asked “do you mind if click?” she answered “okay”. Out of curiosity, I asked her why is she did so? (I imitated getting in veil ). She said “I don’t like being seen by anyone, i know my husband is still right up and loving me the same”. I was just figuring this out only and she continued “my beloved husband died in some army conflict” (she was not sure about which) 3 years back in ladakh. She was a woman in her late 30’s, still young enough to get married, but was dressed in a typical indian widow saree, It was little scary but sad.
I noticed that she was smiling, i was able to hear her very little smiling giggle. She asked me to show her photograph that i clicked and she liked it. After seeing the photograph she just turned around and removed her veil and started walking.
In these 2-3 minutes, i figured out she had been madly in love with her husband who served this beautiful country. Just two sentences from her made me realise the power of love.

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Sajal Jain

He is a contemporary artist from India who loves to photograph streets and create fine art with his camera. Currently , working as an Art Curator in a private art gallery.

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