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Rome at the end of the night or at the beginning of the day. My car in motion between semi-deserted streets, a few passers-by illuminated by the headlights of the moving cars and by the neon signs still on. My naked body, also in motion.

My image in perfect harmony with the streets and buildings reflected on the glass, almost filling the desire to be one.

This is a path of reconstruction of the allowance in a safe and familiar place, enveloped by the warmth that this city emanates.
With my RicohGRIII resting on my legs and set up manually before leaving, I shoot swallowing moments.
Extreme situations, even if I look for moments when I find myself alone in the street. I am not looking for precision in the shot, nor for the firmness of the image, I want to capture life as it is.

The project started in 2021 and is still in work in progress. The work takes place in two phases: indoor self-portrait and outdoor shots at different times but over a period of time ranging from early morning to the end of the day before night.

Italy, Roma-maggio 2021

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Photo essay review, by PRIVATE

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Roberta Pastore

I'm born to Rome in the 1965. Photography is the passion of my life, it has helped me to go through some difficult moments and I have come to consider it as a “cure”. By the means of photography and of the photographic projects of mine I have started an analysis about the relationship with myself and about the problems one has to face living in our industrialized society.

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