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Existence and Life in Kirovsk

A monotown which won’t have past



Kirovsk is one of one-industry towns of Murmansk region. It has appeared on the maps in 1929, because ore deposits was discovered in Khibiny. When mining operations were begun, it was occurred a vital need for workers. But they were needed infrastructure, houses for workers and so on. It has been decided that “special settles” has been sent to build the town.

“Special settles” was the people who pass was declared as something wrong, who was evicted to another place. Their previous houses were withdrawn. May be for this reason Kirovsk was conceived as a town which won’t have past. Only present and future will be in this town.

Snow storm in Kirovsk. May, 2021

Kirovsk was built near the deposit working. But it wasn’t a comfortable place for living. Kirovsk has placed in the middle of Khibiny Mountains. There are very strong winds and very unstable weather in this place.

The winter lasts for 7-8 months. Winter’s snow storms are very often. The town has its own unique atmosphere, especially in winter. Industrial zones are close to the town centre. There are not many colours in the winter. And you can see only white snow covered ground and notice the bright colors, but there are a limited number of them. Kirovsk is one of those “monotown” which has the most difficult socioeconomic situation. It belongs to so-called red zone one-industry towns.

Kirovsk was supposed to be the town in which will be only present and future. But now it has constantly reminded about the past.

Indusrtial zone in Kirovsk
A worker
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Ekaterina Soloveva

I'm an art photographer. I took up photography as an adult. The range of my interests lies in such topics as memory, historical heritage and identity.

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