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Dark corridor, senses of people with neurotic disorders



One day something inside me broke. In that period I became vulnerable and very responsive to things that always seemed to be usual. A sequence from unpleasant events closed in a final dot. There was no exit. Anxiety filled me and all around. I saw a threat in objects at home and outdoors. 

According to research, a human with a neurotic disorder experiences different symptoms. It may be panic attacks, sensitivity to the bright light, the loud sounds. A human may feel emotional voltage, aggression, fear. The neurotic disorders appear for various reasons. They hesitate from the accumulated stresses to the inborn specialties of the psyche. 

I research the manifestations of neurosis. And I express them in visual forms using photography.

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Olga Dyakina

Olga was born in 1990 in Konakovo, Tver region. In 2014 she graduated from Institute of journalism and literary creation «IJLT» in Moscow. In… More »

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