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Dark corridor, senses of people with neurotic disorders



One day something inside me broke. In that period I became vulnerable and very responsive to things that always seemed to be usual. A sequence from unpleasant events closed in a final dot. There was no exit. Anxiety filled me and all around. I saw a threat in objects at home and outdoors. 

According to research, a human with a neurotic disorder experiences different symptoms. It may be panic attacks, sensitivity to the bright light, the loud sounds. A human may feel emotional voltage, aggression, fear. The neurotic disorders appear for various reasons. They hesitate from the accumulated stresses to the inborn specialties of the psyche. 

I research the manifestations of neurosis. And I express them in visual forms using photography.

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Olga Dyakina

Olga was born in 1990 in Konakovo, Tver region. In 2014 she graduated from Institute of journalism and literary creation «IJLT» in Moscow. In 2020 she graduated from the school of modern photography «DocDocDoc» in Saint-Petersburg. Olga researches the personal and global subjects through documentary and art photography. Since 2017 she lives in Saint-Petersburg.

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