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Children in the Jewish community of Trieste



I started a job within the Jewish Community of Trieste, in 2020, just after the first lockdown. I am not Jewish, and I have shared with the Community my desire to investigate with my own eye to communicate a little known world to the outside world. The desire to make known, to understand and to show a very closed reality and sometimes not very inclined to openness. Not in Trieste, where a very lively community took the opportunity with great enthusiasm.

The project is under development, but during editing, as often happens, I noticed that I diverted the path fascinated by the children. Which represent the essence and future of the community. they represented me, and made me realize that children represent the essence and future of humanity. Here I propose an excerpt of some photos, in which in one there is my son, Nico, a non-Jew who was fascinated by the atmosphere of the Synagogue, welcomed in the games and in the sharing of life. The eyes of children have no experience, they see things for the first time, they welcome lights and shadows without any filter. the amazement that we adults often lack.

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Lorenzo Cerbone

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