Jesus Christ was resurrected in Drapetsona



Jesus Christ was resurrected in Drapetsona

In the streets of our settlement
Jesus Christ was resurrected yesterday.
Suddenly, we saw him walking beside us
We almost did not realize his presence
So much so that it looked like you, oh my brother
So much so that you looked like him, oh my brother.
He did not care about the bad smell
he did not see the mud, the garbage
he did not ponder about the Pharisees
and who would gossip the next day
how he found such a poor place to be resurrected
only He pondered
that are hearts here too
in our Drapetsona,
that our whole Drapetsona is a heart,
that is tormented,
like His own heart.

Unknown poet, 1950

In 1950 the area of Drapetsona in Piraeus harbour was the neighbourhood of the refugees, the immigrants, the workers, the poor people, the men who struggle for a chance in life and for a place under the sun.

Abandoned buildings beside the railway lines.
The old Railway Station
Looking inside the old Railway Station.
The stairs to the upper floor
The Railway lines-no train passes anymore.
The bird and the flower

Lia Mageira

Born in Greece and based in Athens. Lia has attended courses on Art and she is a holder of a degree from the University of West Attica, Greece. Her focus is on Travel Photography, History and Culture.

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