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90 years old shoemaker

Ho Chi Minh


Mr Trinh Ngoc, a shoemaker in Saigon (Viet Nam) still working at the age of 90. He had studied at L’École ABC De Dessin School in Paris (France), and made a lot of shoes by himself. Mr. Trinh Ngoc said: The shoe designer is like the architect drawing the house style.

For decades in his career, Mr. Trinh Ngoc has many sad and happy memory. He used to have a shoe shop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, making shoes for the Cambodian royal family from the Queen to Prince Sihanouk, and later as the owner of a shoe shop in Saigon, making shoes for many Vietnamese showbiz stars. Mr. Ngoc is a person who always keeps his personality. Once he was invited to made shoes for the Cambodian queen. The servant told him to kneel before the queen according to Cambodian custom. But he firmly refused and that made the queen admire him.

When I asked him: What is the most important thing in your life? Mr. Trinh Ngoc answered: My life is very simple, I just think: If you create joy for others, you will receive double happiness.

Mr. Trinh Ngoc can made many different types of shoes. A pair of shoes he makes 1 to 2 days.
The Japanese Seiko sewing machine befriended him for more than half a century. There was a student who admired him, bought him a new machine but he still hadn’t used it.
One step in the shoe making process.
The certificate shows that he graduated from LEcole A.B.C De Dessin in Paris (France), September 10, 1968.
Mr. Trinh Ngoc said: The shoe designer is like the architect drawing the house style.
He himself likes to wear Monka shoes because it is elegant, very fashionable, for both working and going out.
Mr. Trinh Ngoc and his wife, Mrs. La Cam Van. Mrs. Van was formerly the Principal of a Primary School in Saigon.
Every day, around 9:00 am, he goes up to his room on the second floor to make shoes.
His shoes are like his children
Mr. Trinh Ngoc has many sad and happy memories in his life.
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Viet Van Tran

Viet Van Tran, born in 1971. Graduated with a BA in cultutral. Attended training workshop of IMMF (Indochinal Memory Media Found) by tutor as famous photographer as James Natchwey, Gary Knight, Tim Page, Steve Northup, Gaby Sommer… Now is reporter for Lao Động newspaper (one of the biggest newspaper of Viet Nam). Had 9 solo exhibions, many group exhibition (US, UK, France, Spain, Urugoay, Argentina, Singapore…), and release 4 book (“Dharma and Life”…). As the first and only Vietnamese photographer have porfolio was collective by Win- Initiative (New York, US). As the first and only Vietnamese photographer won the "Prix de la Photographie, Paris" Px3 (8 consecutive years), Pollux Annual Awards (UK-4 years), Photoannual Awards (Czech, 3 consecutive years), Photo Master Cup (UK-3 years), Moscow International Foto Award (MIFA, Rusian, 3 consecutive years ), Art of Photography Show (US), Shorlist and Honorable metion of London international creative competion (LICC- 4 years) , Honorablle Mention of IPA (US, 7 years)… Many pictures were published in Wink Magazine, Art Photo Magazine, Dodho Magazine, F stop Magazine, 43mm Magazine, Eros Magazine, Camera Obscura Journa,, Blur Magazine… Activity in photography with the personal project of art and documentary. As the jury of many national photo contest and cinema contest. Featured in over 250 Vietnamese newspaper articles and the subject of many interviews on Vietnamese cultural and arts programmes on Vietnamese television.


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