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Snowy feeling


Photo project “Snow feeling” about the state of the soul and its transformation. Snow is a kind of fading, calm, emptiness and at the same time the flight of the soul. Snow makes the earth cleaner, thoughts easier and freer.

The purity of the snow helps to tune in to a new stage of life – it’s a clean slate. And with each such stage, a trace will remain on each page, which will become the book of life. And every time I think-what I can leave a trace on this sheet. To review in the future to be proud of the past or to draw conclusions for the improvement of life.

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Valentina Zhukova

2021 Course of Yulia Artemyeva "Photo project. From idea to creation"; 2020 Course of Yulia Artemyeva "Photo contests and media"; 2020 Course of Yulia Artemyeva "How to create an artistic photo"; 2020 course "Basic skills in photography" of the photo school at the Iskra Museum of photography".

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