Sleeping Spring-Maiden



I do not like the winters of our region. Lingering, snowy, cold, windy. They look like an evil witch who wraps everything in a cold white blanket and plunges the nature into a heavy sleep. A dreamless sleep. They do not leave us for a long time, even after the onset of the calendar spring. The struggle between the two seasons continue for a long time.

Nevertheless, in March, the mood begins to change. You can already smell the elusive smell in the air. You look forward to the awakening of nature. Sparrows on a birch outside the window are chirping much more fun. Icicles on the roofs are longer and longer. Thawed patches appeare. Green grass on heating mains arises. You can feel more sun and light, more warmth. And I want to say to the sleepy maiden: Awake! It’s time to rule the world! It’s time to dress in bloom … It’s time to fill everyone with spring euphoria, love and joy!

But the spring-maiden keeps sleeping soundly. When will she wake up? Who knows? Who answers me my questions?


Maria Tulupova

I have dipped my toe into different kinds of photography: portrait, conceptual, baby and kids, family one. I paticipated in Family Photography Exhibition in Israel, IP Award (finalist), Minimal Photography Awards (finalist). My photos were published in some magazines (Marika, PhotoVogue Italy (on-line), Art-of-Portrait)

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