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Another. Story about Bogdan



Another. Only this occurred to me when we came to visit a large family with 6 children. There were 4 of them at that moment, and two more were at school. Bogdan. This is the name of the boy who was born in this family. He has Down Syndrome. They live very poorly. The father is always at work, and the mother does not have time to cope with everyone. I understand that this is very difficult, because I am also the eighth child in the family. We talked to my mother and said that such conditions are very bad and she needs to take care of the cleanliness where these children could live. The next day she corrected it, but this is only a little bit. You dare a lot of them. They do not always live well.

We came to help and make photographs of two month old Bogdan. After all, March 21 is the International Day of People with Down Syndrome. We will take a photo and hang it in the city.

Questions and Answers with Viktor Zhulin

Photography is…

For me photography is something between truth and falsehood.

Photography and writing…

If a photograph has descriptions, it ceases to exhibit a magical effect, but some photographs need these descriptions.

Who left the biggest impression on you?

If we talk about the authors of photography in the past, their mergo, especially the reporters. if we talk about our deeds, then most of all life itself speaks. it is very quick to change, so you only need to take a moment and sigh

Is there anything else you like to share with the readers?

The most important thing is to grow them gratitude for the fact that they watch the pictures and read about them. perhaps whom it can touch and begin to change.

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Viktor Zhulin

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