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Recreation project is about conflicts and succession of generations. Through the usual summer leisure I talk about the traumatic relationship between parents and children in a post-soviet society. This project consists of two self-published zines, Dacha and Turbaza. The first one is about the summer recreation of parents, the second is about the recreation of their children.

Dnipro, Ukraine – June 2020

Turbaza, as any other place to spend your leisure time, can be chosen out of countless other options. Dacha, on the other hand, is usually left for children in its complete form, with old things from their youth, which are being hoarded for decades.

I think that this allegory is about how habits, traumas and constructs, which were imposed on us by our parents, are transfered by us to our children. And this is an eternal, never ending process.

Speaking in general, just relax and listen to the birds. Have arguments: was it a turtledove or a cuckoo? Show me the marsh warbler. Everybody has fun, and I have a myriad of complex and conflicting emotions. Mutual and painful codependency.

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Viktoriia Tymonova

Viktoriia Tymonova is an artist from Ukraine. In her work she focuses on personal and collective traumas, constructs imposed by society and the Soviet legacy. She works in mediums of photography, collage, artbook and sound. Through her projects she tries to express her disagreement with constructed stereotypes and imposed scripts of behavior. She talks about the traumatized post-Soviet society and about both physical and psychological ruins that people from post-Soviet countries are left to exist in.

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