Ecological question

The world strange

Berg im Grünen

What about the future of our world? It’s getting warmer. Worse? Or better? Gray? Brer? No one knows. Here some thoughts belong to it. I have been discussing this issue for some time now. Great worries are predicted. Are we human beings even though the smartest on earth and let the world go to ruin by stupidity? We’re not looking for a back door. Will everyone have their own car? I’m flying around for a weekend? Big flats? Maybe that’s not a luxury renunciation.

My future is positive. There will be more and more people living on earth. Asia is already the growth peak of population representation. And there are many good approaches to life. Sure we can do it is easy to say. And it leads its time. Many politicians work out good ideas. Let’s wait and see. In any autumn my world of tomorrow is not gray and dreary. But imaginative, with ideas and views. I am a photographer and have digital photo art execution. For a world of solidarity and freedom.

Wüste mit Wolken
ocean in ocean
tree dancing
landscape with sun flowers
waterfall with nature
Nature in water
tree with lot of nature

Sigrid Gombert

After studying photography in Cologne, I took a lot of part-time photography. A few years ago I took the risk of starting my own business. Now I've discovered fine arts for myself. Often nature photos are changed in color, then combined with other images. Superimposing images and using filters creates new, imaginative worlds.

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