Stolen Portraits


Fleeting moments in life captured in the most classic street-photography style over a decade ranging from 2008 to 2018. All around Europe. From Lisbon to Edinburgh, passing through Dublin, Vienna, Amsterdam, Madrid and the London Soho. Glances that intersect with the photographer’s lens to reveal, without filter and with gritty realism, the simultaneous complexity and fragility of human essence and nature. Taxi drivers, priests, cooks, and fan sellers. Catwalk of anti-celebrities that everyday deal with the bittersweet taste of existence while remaining almost anonymous, invisible, common people. Glances that convey manifold experiences through a silent shot.

Stories and emotions that we will never know. But that perhaps belong to us, and maybe, somehow, we can even imagine them.

Dublin (Ireland)
London (England)
Edinburgh (Scotland)
Lisbon (Portugal)
Barcelona (Spain)
Wien (Osterreich)
Venice (Italy)
Madrid (Spain)
Hamburg (Germany)
Venice (Italy)
Venice (Italy)
Edinburgh (Scotland)

Michele Punturieri

Michele Punturieri, born in Reggio Calabria, Italy, December of 1976. Degree in Economics. Free-lance photographer. Some of his works appeared on Italian and international webzines. Black and White street photography addict.

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