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Segmented Landscapes

United States.

Segmented Landscapes is a series of manipulated photos that explore ways in which simple alterations can make major and profound differences in the way viewer interpret them. Most of this series have focused on the manipulation of landscapes that feature mountains, hills, boulders, and buttes. In every case, the original photos were taken in a conventional way with a digital camera. Most of the landscape scenes chosen have a predominate mountain, hill, boulder, or butte, more or less centered in the scene.

Segmented snowy hill in California.

In all cases the dominate element in the scene was isolated in a computer and duplicated. The space directly behind the isolated mountain, hill, boulder, or butte, was replaced with images of whatever would have been behind that element in the real landscape. The isolated duplicates were then cut up into horizontal or vertical strips, separated in various ways, and relocated back into the approximate location from which they were originally subtracted.

Segmented Butte in New Mexico.

The deconstructed mountains, hills, boulders, and buttes now seem to be detached from the real world landscapes in ways that makes them seem to be defying gravity and floating up into the sky. The isolated segmented elements in the landscape offer the viewers the opportunity to fantasize about what those elements would look like if they were not segmented and still part of the original landscape.

Segmented mountain in Nevada.
Segmented Butte in Northern New Mexico.
Segmented Plateau in New Mexico.
Segmented Mountain in Santa Fe, NM.
Segmented Boulder near Santa Fe, NM.
Large Segmented Rock in New Mexico.
Segmented Hills in Gorman California.
Segmented Cactus in Arizona.
Segmented Cliffs in Colorado.
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