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Reflections in Stephaniada Lake



In the mountainous terrain of Agrafa in Argithea of Thessaly Region, there is the beautiful lake Stephaniada. Its surface is 165 acres and its depth is 150 m.

It formed in February 1963, when a landslide knocked down an entire slope. At an altitude of 850m, the terrible slope of Stoichio detached from the mountain Sminikos and fell into the river Stephaniotis, which is one of the tributaries of Acheloos river. The water of the torrent did not find a way out and thus the youngest lake in Greece was formed. At the bottom of the lake lie the old buildings of the area, as here was the village of Stephaniada.

Plane trees

The slopes that surround it are steep and the easiest way to get down to the shores of the lake is through a path to the south. The vegetation is dense, plane trees and willows create shadows and reflections.

We sit on the bank of Stephaniada and enjoy the beauty of the reflections in the water. The submerged trees form a cluster like hands raised in the sky. The opposite slope and the clouds are reflected in the water.

Reflection of the opposite slope
Tree in the Water
The reflection of the mountain in the lake
Clouds in the water
Hands raised towards the sky
Arms of witches
Circles in the water
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Lia Mageira

Born in Greece and based in Athens. Lia has attended courses on Art and she is a holder of a degree from the University of West Attica, Greece. Her focus is on Travel Photography, History and Culture.

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