Life is like a kaleidoscope



Life is like a kaleidoscope … At birth, everyone gets the same elements, but everyone adds a one-of-a-kind, unique picture … This is an inexplicable and Incomprehensible mystery … Just a few multi-colored glasses add up to so many diverse, beautiful and never unique pictures … A series of pictures from which intricate plots of Life are woven.

The picture changes depending on how we rotate the kaleidoscope. And the previous, completed picture will never be returned, just as the next one can be foreseen … Slightly touched the kaleidoscope, triggered its action and the pattern will never be repeated … There was a moment and now it has already become a memory … You touch it and with one light movement you can change everything around and find yourself in a new fairy tale … And the point is not at all in the number of pieces of glass we have, but in our desire to see more and more new patterns … While we rotate this kaleidoscope, let’s try to rotate it so that the pieces of our multi-colored glass in it crumble and intricately weave into a beautiful pattern … paint, create new patterns and enjoy infinity of options … Played with a kaleidoscope as a child? …


Elena Balievych

My name is Yelena. I am a wife, mother of a daughter and a son, I am a psychologist and stylist. I am fond of art, the history of fashion photo, fashion. Enjoy the work of Man Ray, Stiglitz. I study contemporary art and styling. I like to take pictures very much.

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