I love the daylight

Quiet moment, Felletin


I was born and raised a city dweller. When I was walking outside, the streets were everywhere. And the photographs too. Just in front of me, of you too, if one wanted to see them or catch them. That’s easy to say.

I now live in the Creuse, in the less inhabited countryside of France. It’s simple: every living soul that my footsteps cross is worth a picture. That’s what I was saying to give myself courage. In fact i was lost amongst trees and Limousin cows.

But then I found my way back into town. Cities. It’s at the end of the bus lines.In 2020, in France, there is plenty of cities and villages anywhere anyway. As my photos show.

Places who inspire to go outside the box.

Grey sky, Limoges
Paris / Limoges
Limoges / Aubusson
Châtillon / Paris
Nîmes / Guéret
Paris / Aubusson
Graffiti Boulevard Carnot, Die

Nathanaël Fournier

(1982) - Photography is my best reason for not having a full-time job. I’m living in Wanderland. 

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