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Doc Sábbá ArtsZine for Rohingya refugees

Doc Sábbá is an Art Zine featuring the work of Rohingya refugees including photography, paintings and words. The title, Doc Sábbá means 10 pages in Rohingya language. It publishes monthly Zines focussing on the lives of Rohingya refugees by Rohingya photographers, artists and wordsmiths.  Doc Sábbá is run and founded by Shafiur Rahman, a UK-based documentary filmmaker.

Cover page

Currently, the Zines are not printed. They are only available digitally.

The aim is to harness the creative  energies of Rohingya refugees in the camps. The intention is that dissemination on instagram, twitter, facebook and the web in general will increase the visibility of the creative work being undertaken by  Rohingya refugees.  Opportunities for education and work are extremely limited in the camps of Bangladesh.  The portrayal and representation of Rohingya has almost exclusively become the preserve of foreign photojournalists and media. Doc Sábbá  is a nod towards a more democratic direction with respect to these critical issues.

The Zine idea grew out of the Rohingya Photography Competition held between 23 April and 25 August 2020. A total of 1673 images were submitted in that competition, and the online prize giving award ceremony was watched by thousands on Facebook Live.

Inside page of Doc Sábbá

Photo Magazine: Doc Sábbá
Year of Publication: 2021
Issue number: 2(1)


Shafiur Rahman

Documentary filmmaker. I work on issues dealing with refugees, migrant workers, trafficking and women. I am currently working on Rohingya issues.

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