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Over the last five millennia, the patriarchal and sexist nature of some cultures has caused multiple forms of discrimination, forcing women into more subordinate and marginal roles.

In female shamanism, women reclaim their vital energy from the sanctity of nature with their innate intuition and instinct.

Prejudice today again prevents shamanesses from worshipping in freedom, forcing them to seek protection in hidden places. Here, away from judgement and condemnation, these women secretly gather together to connect to the Divine. In the fulfilment of their ecstasy, the steady beat of the drums guides shamanesses to the apex of their spirituality.

Brave women who live in the shadow and that in their self-affirmation work towards the human and spiritual redemption of the Feminine, drawing into its spiritual strength.

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Valeria Gradizzi

Valeria Gradizzi is a photographer from Verona. His passion has always been the photographic report characterized by strong social themes. Winner of numerous awards, she is currently working on a photographic project about Middle Eastern Sufi women.

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