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Photo Exhibition

C’est quoi l’été pour vous ?

Photo Exhibition

C’est quoi l’été pour vous ?

Galerie Le Réverbère (France)

Event date > from 16-12-2020 to 30-01-2021

What is summer for you? Here’s an interesting question…
Within our agitated and somewhat gloomy era, asking this question seems like opening a profound debate but jolly. The light-heartedness of a question does not imply the exclusion of its importance. Indeed, in a time where travel, exoticism and mass tourism are a dominant, to ask yourself the question, not to figure out which destination to choose but to understand what holiday means to us, is not a trivial concern. Presently summer is no longer one of the four seasons, it became mainly time off work, moving around, touristic economy. This programmed euphoria is without a doubt the symptom of a distraught anticipation of freedom and a time to find one’s self again. We are very curious to find out how summer is experienced by the photographers of the gallery.

Jacques Damez, co-director, Galerie Le Réverbère

Exhibition of the 20 photographers of the gallery!

Frédéric Bellay, Arièle Bonzon, Pierre Canaguier, Thomas Chable, Serge Clément, Beatrix von Conta, Jacques Damez, François Deladerrière, Pierre de Fenoÿl, André Forestier, Lionel Fourneaux, Rip Hopkins, William Klein, Géraldine Lay, Baudoin Lotin, Julien Magre, Philippe Pétremant, Bernard Plossu, Denis Roche, Yves Rozet.

©Bernard Plossu. Isla de Linosa, 2004. Courtesy Galerie Le Réverbère.
©William Klein. Maillot argenté, Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, 1984. Courtesy Galerie Le Réverbère.
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Galerie Le Reverbere

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