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Photo Book

A trilogy of unusual architectures

Photo Book

A trilogy of unusual architectures, by Arnau Rovira

Year of Publication: 2020, Pages: 78 pages, Size: 24x12cm, Price: 25€

Publisher: Self Publish

The Spanish photographer Arnau Rovira presents his first photobook ” A Trilogy of unusual architectures” which contains three independent books inside. In Rovira’s book, architecture detaches from the functional and traditional main goal and it takes an outlandish character that helps to understand three social different realities around the world.

Those three projects were shot in three radical different places like Ashgabat (Turkmenistan), Orlando (EE.UU), and El Alto (Bolivia) between 2017 and 2019. All of them were edited and designed in a photobook format by Noom Books, which helps emergents artist to publish his first projects. All the texts are written by the artist Núria Nia.

“A Trilogy of Unusual Architectures” can be booked on the artist’s website for a price of 25€.

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Arnau Rovira Vidal

He was born in Barcelona in 1984. Firstly He studied DOP but on 2015 he moved to Madrid, where he began to study photography in EFTI and LENS. His first project Re-form had been exhibit in some festivals like Revela’t and Mirades and was a finalist for the scholarship at the LENS school. There he began his second project, FLAIX, now ongoing.

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