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The risky jump



Chandrima Udyan is an open park type place located on 72 acres of land beside to the National Parliament of Bangladesh, Dhaka. It is connected to the road with a bridge which runs over the Crescent Lake. People of all classes come here to spend time on holidays. But according to a 2014 Dhaka Tribune article, “Illegal establishments, drug addicts, hookers, muggers and petty criminals have robbed the park of most of its beauty”.

Many unprivileged children can be seen at Chandrima Udyan. They come from nearby slums.It is always seen that they are living like them because their family is not so much ruled. They are restless. Without any safety they can be seen jumping from the lake Bridge of Chandrima Udyan and falling into the water. They chose it as their game. But there is a risk of serious injury even death. Because the bridge hight is enough high.

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Saqlain Rizve

Saqlain Rizve (2001) is a passionate photographer based in Dhaka, Bangladesh who love to take landscape, street, nature, portrait and people lifestyle in his regular life. It almost three years he has been practising and learning photography. He also love to do documentary photography and photojournalism.

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