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Silence Collective

Dedicated to a certain use of photography, we are a group of friends that use their camera on a daily basis in life to preserve memories and self expression. Far from the noise and exposure need this a space for a common project and union of visions of photography as a Diary and tool for understanding.
We are open to collaboration and direct contact work form
Our website: silencecollective.org
We are: Andrea Taurisano, Gabriele Lopez, Gabriele Noziglia, Louie Moskowitz, Nicholas Dominic Talvola


Gabriele Lopez

Gabriele Lopez, class 1974. I started to take photographs as a child, with a Polaroid camera that was a gift for an occasion that I forgot. With that simple camera I started to record what was around me. Today not that much has changed in this sense. The photography I love is a daily diary, fragments of pictures, that together mean the sense of my existence, my way of expressing, understand and live life itself, fixing what I want to live again.

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