This is a story about Halloween. In fact, I’m not particularly happy that children these days dress up as monsters or witches, carve horror stories and faces out of pumpkins, and all this is accompanied by fear and at the same time fun. Of course, God created man on earth and He did not plan his death, but for a number of reasons, namely the fact that Adam and Eve did not obey His commandments and ate the forbidden fruit, a catastrophe occurred and man was separated from God and expelled from paradise. that’s when all evil began on earth, and this event is like Halloween, a holiday of wickedness and evil, which is not very suitable for me. On this shooting, my children and I decided not to dress up as horror stories, and decided to be bright angels.we had fun and played, no one scared each other and no one was afraid, for me the most important thing is the laughter and joy of children, because they look like pure angels, so why should we make monsters out of them?