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A Secret which I cannot to open




So what about that photo?
By one site its just a photo of girl and flowers^ but by the other side its a kind of secret…
We can see just a part of face, a look which is going away…
A flowers which cover a nudity…
And at the same time the haze feels like a dream, lightness, delicacy…
The smile ask us to follow and would like to,
But we couldn’t do it and we can just guess, what is there?
What does girl think about?
What kind of thoughts can have a girl doctor-oncologist?
There are rigidity and injustice mixed with delicacy and desire to be loved and cared.
Don’t you think its a sur? surrealism?
I think!
How its possible to believe in beauty, to be like a flower when you look at people’s death?
As for me its girl is a magic, dream, secret which I cannot to open, and I admire that girl and I proud of her bravery and poverty.

Its photo was taken inspired by surrealism.
I like that kind of art because it’s allow me to mix reality with dreams.
Enjoy and think how easy we live…

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Irina Sokolova

Photography for me, is like telling story about a person. During the shooting, I try to get to know, understand and feel the hero… More »

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