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LUIS: A Man of the Land



Luis is a gentle elder man from the north of Tenerife, Spain. He invited me one day into his house for a glass of wine of his own vineyard. He is a man of the land. His eyes are filled with gentle kindness. His hands are tough, every line hides a story and he could spend all day telling them in perfect detail. His face expression seems serious most of the time, but he knows how to vacilar (having fun) and he could lighten up the whole room when he gives out a smile.

He enjoys every second of his well-lived life experiencing simplicity to its core. His house, built with his bare hands, is a magic place up the mountains of the north of Tenerife right above the clouds. He spends most of his days working the land to bring out whatever the land can provide. From potatoes, almonds and lemons to exotic herbs. He drives a beaten-down car to deliver the food fresh off the ground to his family and nearby neighbours.

This very intimate photo-essay attempts to delve inside his skin in the hope of exploring a moment of his life.

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Daniel Rodriguez

Dan Rodriguez is a very passionate London based multimedia artist. He was born in December 1982 in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Dan started freelancing as Graphic Designer after obtaining a BA in Film and Media from the University of London.

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