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Flood, Water and Life



Bangladesh is a riverine country. As though Bangladesh is surrounded by so many rivers and it is situated less than 5 meters above mean sea level so Bangladesh is prone to flooding. Bangladesh faces devastating effects of floods due to heavy monsoon downpour and synchronization of flood-peaks of the major rivers. Bangladesh faces this problem almost every year.

The monsoon floods of the year 2020 has an overall impact on the Northern,North-Eastern and South-Eastern region of Bangladesh. 102 upazila and 654 unions have been inundated in flood, affecting 3.3 million people and leaving 7,31,958 people water logged.More than 40% of the people of 24% union have displaced where 80% of union’s people are staying in other places. The ongoing monsoon floods severely comprises the need for safe drinking water and safe hygiene practices. Therefore, increasing the risk of water borne diseases. An early to medium-term (05 to 09 months) recovery and reconstruction effort will be needed to repair the damaged infrastructures for restoration of life and livelihood.

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