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Electric kids




Why are we adults, sometimes we don’t care that children have a happy childhood? We buy them tablets and smartphones, in which they disappear for days, perhaps they find something useful there, but more often it is difficult for them to overpower themselves and do business, so they play games and, in my opinion, look something like this girl, namely in box! But this box is not so bad, but the one in which they disappear and spend their childhood, it is really nasty! Perhaps we are adults, we allow this to happen so easily, perhaps we need to reconsider our views on childhood of our children!


Viktor Zhulin

My name is Victor. I was born in the North Caucasus in Russia in the small town of Terek. At the age of 20, I began to shoot small sketches on a film camera, then left for several years, and now 5 years ago I returned to photography and I am very happy. I have a wife and two children. Today I shoot a lot. I like taking pictures of children. I like to shoot reports on the street.

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