I took this photograph at the end of 2020 October, in a location in my city (Livorno – Italy). The place where I shot is the beautiful Terrazza Mascagni, an iconic place with a long checkerboard promenade with the sea next to it. It was a windy day, and this powerful shot shows nothing of this location, but shows an anomaly, represented by the choice of the place wrapped in a cloud of dust. And it is the evocative position of the little girl that gives meaning to the shot, as if she were calling the wind to her, and wanted to dominate a stormy environment, a world in revolution that changes its face every day. The mother favors the desire for diversity, and the scene that is obtained is something between the mystical and the mighty, with that decisive pose, with the sea bubbling a few meters away and the wind whistling loudly. Since the arrival of Covid, many behaviors have changed, people act guided by instincts suppressed inside, as if our time is running out. Looking for a connection with Nature and its phenomena is very beautiful, if a little girl does it it is beautiful and spontaneous.