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Saint Petersburg has the most unique places that will not leave anyone indifferent. Here you can find everything you want and for every taste. It has everything. From branded stores to flea markets.

Udelny market (this is the name because it is located near the Udelnaya metro station). Colloquially called “Udelka” – the famous flea market, which is located in the North of Saint Petersburg. Here you can find the most unusual things, and stand for five minutes to be surprised and in my head will be a million questions ranging from “what is this all about” and ending with “how old is this thing?”.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia – July 2020. You can find everything in this market. Even a portrait of Jesus.

In 2016, the British publication The Guardian even included the flea market In the recommended list of visits for foreigners. Also in 2012, the authoritative business magazine Forbes put the Specific market on the second line in the rating of flea markets in the world. This is another reason to visit this place. They wouldn’t recommend it just like that.

Initially, I came here to take interesting photos for my portfolio, take photos of sellers and chat with them, even take a short interview with someone. It is interesting how a person came to collect Soviet old things and just any trash and started selling them on the market. But they don’t like photographers and journalists here. And many even forbid taking photos of their products. When the fourth person refused us, we still had to ask one seller why this is happening.

The answer was short and simple: many unscrupulous people take photos of the product on the shelves and sell it on the Internet as their own. Now it became clear why me and my friend, also a photographer, were treated with suspicion and constantly asked the question «Who are you?». After that, we always asked for permission to photograph the display cases with the goods and realized only one thing: no one will tell us anything here. So I met a friend at the market. He comes to the unit market every weekend and buys something here. He told me everything.

Saint-Petersburg, Russia – July 2020. Daniel goes here almost every weekend to buy something. This suit was almost all bought on the market.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – April 2019. For many, “Udelka” is a way to buy fashionable clothes for little money. Friends said that they bought cool things for 50 rubles, and saw clothes that cost more than in the store several times. Here you need to rely only on your own logic and be able to bargain with the seller. But it is worth noting that sellers are completely different.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – July 2020. First we come to the market And see a typical market, but it only seems so at first glance. Here, as in any other civilized market, there is an official trade in various ordinary goods. And after going further, you will see all the most interesting things.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – July 2020. Many Soviet items are sold here: badges, watches, pioneer ties, emblems, coins and banknotes, and so on.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – July 2020. Officially, the market is open until seven in the evening, but each seller decides when to go to work and when to close.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – July 2020. Each stall in this market is already a separate exhibition.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – July 2020. It is better to visit on a Sunny, warm day, when the entire territory of the flea market is filled with goods.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – July 2020. If you are looking for “I don’t know what”, you will definitely find it on the site. And maybe even buy something that you never even thought to buy. Every day, a million different items are displayed here, waiting for someone to need them again.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – April 2019. Many sellers want to take a place in the market. This type is called “selling from the ground”. Renting such a retail outlet does not cost money. Come and sell whatever you want.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – April 2019. The location of the market is really amazing. Near not only the metro station and shopping center. But also a railway station, a Church (it is visible in the photo) , and even a psychiatric hospital.
Saint-Petersburg, Russia – April 2019. But many do not even pass to trade on the territory of the market, and sell directly at the metro. Here you can see something that in principle no one needs. From a torn robe to headless dolls that were most likely found in a garbage dump near the market.

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My name is Anna. I live in Russia and I want as many people as possible to learn about my country.

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