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Summer. 92 days. This is so little.

It always ends suddenly, leaving behind a yearning for sunny days.

Who lives in Siberia feel this especially keenly, when bright and eventful days are replaced by the time of rains outside the window and woolen sweaters. And after the red and yellow days of autumn winter begins. This is how the year goes by, life rushes by with crazy speed.

Even if everything seems to be fine, everyone is alive and well, but you are a little sad. Then you pause to go deeper into yourself, analyze all the victories and failures in order to draw up a new life plan, with new dreams and opportunities.

And you start looking forward to summer again. 

On and on.

Russia, Shushenskoe – August 2020. “Well done”.
New line, new life
Brainstorm inside
Outside the window
Be on your way
Crazy speed
With a grin
On and on
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Ann Nikonenok

My name is Ann, I am a free artist from Siberia. Photography for me is the best way to be in the moment. I… More »

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