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Muharram, a solemn atmosphere



Geneva Camp and Muharram. In Dhaka, it is mainly observed by the Shia community of old Dhaka and the Bihari (Sunni) community of Mohammadpur-Mirpur.
Ashura (Arabic 10 means Asara, the name Ashura has been slightly distorted from Asara) means Eid of Shia and Bihari Sunnis. It is a bigger festival for them than Eid.
The fresh procession of Shiites chanting “Hai Hossain” ended with the immersion in the water of the lake at Jigatala through the ‘Hossaini Dalan’ in Lalbagh. However, due to Corona, a lot of restrictions have been brought under it this time. There will be no procession outside the Hosseini building and no procession in Jigatala. On the other hand, the camps in Mohammadpur and Mirpur have also been banned from marching outside the area. However, just as puja is not done without immersion, Ashura is not done without tajia procession.
Bihari Sunnis only hold fresh processions in their area, with drums playing. The festival lasts for 10 days before the 10th of Muharram. Muharram is celebrated in a solemn atmosphere. They believe that all the hopes of the mind are fulfilled if one “vows” to the Imambara from the heart with the fasting prayers at this time.

Shia communities from Azimpur, Katra, Lalbagh, Nawabganj, Farashganj area and all over the country join the Taziya procession, not only Shia processions, Sunnis also join the procession, even people from many Hindu communities and Muharram or “Shinni” ( Cook and distribute food in large trays in the form of festivals).
Bihari Sunnis play the drums, wear colorful clothing, with colorful bahari yarn belts and bells, the Shias wear black, the Shias mourn, mourn, and have more than one horse with them. Biharis’ horses stay inside their camps, not in processions. Biharis are not seen to mourn, there is no question of abandonment among them.

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