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Loneliness | Where Time Paused



From the beginning of the year 2020 we started using veils on our faces to protect ourselves from the deadly corona virus.

Locked down in our homes and alone, we have become detached from the rest of the world. The adults adapted to the unwanted situation, but children are bored, isolated and feeling the hard reality.

I have observed the loneliness of my daughter. Anxious, she does not know what to do to get some relief.

Dressing like Frida Kahlo
Loneliness is all around
Want to go out
Locked behind the door
Loosing the liveliness
Trying to play different games but in a mess
Parents don’t have enough time to play with
The doll also says “enough is enough”
Books or tabs nothing is enough
Scared of wearing mask
Light must be on the other side of the window
Long time not wearing the beautiful dress
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Anindita Roy

Anindita Roy, a self-taught freelance photographer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is a Fine Arts Graduate from the University of Dhaka. Anindita likes to take… More »


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