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Living With Dirt



The waste dumping zones have been considered to be the potential sources of human exposure to toxic substances. But for some people these wastes are the earning source. They work & live with their families near the landfills or dumping zones. Children play or sometimes help to their parents’ at their work. They are not at all concerned about their safety measures or the serious health complexities they may face in future.

Dhaka, Bangladesh, July-2019. Said is smoking while working in the dirty water – full of rotten fruits and other things. It is adjacent to the famous Burigonga river. Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh is on the bank of this river.

The safety and acceptability of many widely used waste management practices are of serious concern from the public point of view. In the era of urbanization it is becoming more and more challenging to manage the huge amount of waste produced every day in the mega cities in Bangladesh. The people work in the dumping zone or landfill or live around these areas are not at all aware about the health issues they may suffer because of bacteria, virus, protozoa and parasite worms. These worms cause many diseases that are spread by direct contaminated food or soil. Diseases may also be transmitted through a carrier organism or vector. Vectors are organisms that do not cause diseases themselves but carry or transmit disease-causing agents.

Barisal, Bangladesh, August-2019.A man is working in the dirty water filled with dumped waste. He is without wearing any safety kits.

The government or any private organizations should take the responsibilities urgently to create the awareness and should also take the initiatives to supply the safety dress and materials required to perform this risky job to the people who work these waste dumping areas. This is not only for the safety of the workers who work here but for voiding the potential source of serious diseases for the society.

Sylhet , Bangladesh, January-2020. Women are working in the Sylhet Dumping zone.Lots of birds are flying and looking for foods in the dirty waste.
Sylhet , Bangladesh, January-2020.Sakina Bibi is accompanied with her little daughter while working at the landfill of Sylhet, Bangladesh.
Dhaka, Bangladesh, August-2019.Shimul a little boy is having juice when roaming around a landfill. It does not bother him what is around him. He is a child of a worker of that landfill.
Dhaka,Bangladesh, July-2019.Rafiq, a daily worker working without having any safety kit. Though the area is full of dirty dust the worker is even having any dust mask, but to cover his nose & mouse with a towel.
Dhaka,Bangladesh, August-2019.A woman is going for her daily works. She lives in the leather dumping zone in Hazarinbag,Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Dhaka,Bangladesh,August-2019. Abu Mia, working in the leather dumping zone in Hazaribag , Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is without any safety kit when working.
Dhaka,Bangladesh, August-2019. Rahima, a worker in the plastic dumping zone Dhaka,Bangladesh, working with her kid. As she has no one to look after her baby girl , the baby always stays with her while working.
Dhaka,Bangladesh, August-2019.The daily workers trying to run a boat which is usually run by an engine. Huge amount of waste materials created at garments has thrown regularly into the water of the river Burigonga, which are creating obstacles to run the boat smoothly.
Dhaka,Bangladesh, August-2019. Saiful is Collecting water bottles from the dumped waste in Sadarghat, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhaka,Bangladesh, August-2019. Rahim is helping his father who is a worker in the leather dumping zone in Hazaribag, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The boy is bare footed and without any gloves in his hands or without having any musk.
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