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Kuyalnik, a frozen pier



The area is called Kuyalnik because of the estuary. And the name itself, according to a number of researchers, is associated with a high concentration of salt in the water of the estuary and comes from the Turkic word “kuyanlyk” (thick). According to other scientists, the name of the resort is of Slavic origin and means a boat dock, a dock. By the 17th century, the lake had shrunk several times and became too salty for fish to survive. Now Kuyalnik has become a much more valuable resource – salt, for which the Chumak caravans were drawn here. Kuyalnik remained a salt fishery until an alternative was found in Soledar.
Unfortunately, the estuary dries up, becoming smaller and smaller every year. Some parts of the estuary turned into a lifeless desert …
It ceased to be a haven for their inhabitants …

In 2018, the territory of the Klyanitsky estuary was included in the lists of objects of national importance. Perhaps this is the last chance for Kuyalnik, which during its long history has been used in a convenient harbor, a popular fishing and salt industry, a resort.


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