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I can’t say “Goodbye”



What is childhood for me? This means climbing a fence, tree, or anywhere else where it is normally prohibited, and you can get reprimanded for doing so. It means sitting on the high bank of the river, swinging your legs and doing nothing. This means running through puddles without thinking that your clothes will get dirty and need to be washed later. What does childhood mean to me? This means spending a few hours just running through fields and meadows and getting all the trouble out of your head. And yes, they will soon disappear anyway. It means looking at the sky, at the clouds and dreaming of the most incredible things. And does it really matter that one of the adults says that this is complete nonsense? Childhood knows that all dreams come true. Childhood is a dream itself, a miracle.

A wonderful life begins from childhood. Of course, everything changes. We adults have to make rules and live by them. And when we stop believing in miracles, we stop trusting life itself, then our childhood will leave us. He leaves and does not turn around.

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Urma Natali

I'm a mom of three beautiful kids. I work at the university. I love nature, music, poetry, photography. Mostly I take pictures of children, and recently became interested in macro photography. It's like a separate world. It is interesting and fascinating.

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