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Beach horse rider




In this photo i tried to frame the boy who is a beach horse rider and his horse which he used to play everyday for his livelihood. I took this shot while the boy was in a break and looking for client and in the mean time i just caught this expression. It look similar to me the way both of them revealing their gesture. It just make me feel that they both are feeling the same, and that’s the reason why take this shot.


Nahian Faruk

I'm Nahian Faruk, born in Chittagong, Bangladesh on 16th July, 1997. Basically from 2017 i have started my journey to photography. In first phase of this journey i was only interested in Lifestyle photography, but by the time i'm now more engaged with Street and Travel photography. Color and B&W both form of a photograph got my interest but most of the time i want to see my photograph in B&W mood.

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