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The Pandemic As I Witness

Perth, Australia – April 2020. The Lockdown Starts

From travel ban to lockdown and fully quarantined life, this Pandemic has done a total turmoil in all aspects of our life. The whole world has not been hit so hard in recent past like this COVID-19 pandemic.

We have witnessed the pandemic in Perth, West Australia during my stay over here. We had come here at the start of the year when the infection count was not huge and limited to a particular geography. But soon it had started spreading all over the world and everyday the infection count was getting increased rapidly.

Soon the Government took drastic measure to tackle the pandemic and lockdown started in Perth. All the shops, pubs, restaurants got closed; the roads become deserted and businesses had suffered huge loss. People were loosing job everyday and situation was very gloomy everywhere.

Government had announced few relief packages to help common people, Healthcare workers fought really hard to tackle the situation. As a result of the effort we had seen some improvements and business started opening in phased manner with Rules and Regulations announced by the Administration.

We have also started to adopt with these “New Normal” way of living life.

Hope the World will soon be cured with all our collective efforts and we will be starting a happy and healthy life again.

Perth, Australia – April 2020. The Life comes to a Standstill
Perth, Australia – April 2020. Spending lazy time
Perth, Australia – May 2020. The foodcourts are closed
Perth, Australia – May 2020. The world becomes gloomy
Perth, Australia – May 2020. We are caged
Perth, Australia – May 2020. The New Normal
Perth, Australia – May 2020. Take away starts
Perth, Australia – May 2020. People started coming to the street
Perth, Australia – May 2020. The spirit
Perth, Australia – May 2020. The Harmony is coming
Perth, Australia – May 2020. Keep smiling to heal the mind
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Chinmoy Nag

I am a software professional having strong passion for Photography. I normally carry the camera whenever go out for roaming around the city and tries to capture whichever catches my attention.


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