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The City that No One Has Seen – Mauro D’Agati

Photo book

The City that No One Has Seen, by Mauro D’Agati

Year of Publication: 2020, Pages: 304, Size: 13,5 x 24 cm, Price: 40€, Book’s webpage

Publisher: 89books

In the last weeks of the severe lockdown provoked by the COVID-19 the Palermitan photographer, Mauro D’Agati started his outings in order to document deserted Palermo. He managed to conduct 9 walks always in relative proximity to his house, every time discovering a different zone of the city and capturing its desolation and bitter beauty. His black and white photos reveal the eclectic beauty of the architecture, absence of mundane urban rush, strange emptiness and silence of the otherwise hectic and vibrant city. This work is pretty unusual for D’Agati, who usually concentrates on people, social dynamics, and the human condition. This time human beings rarely appeared on the photos just as they were rarely seen on the streets during the lockdown.

The visual journey is accompanied by a short story written by the Palermitan journalist and writer Eleonora Lombardo.

The book is available in ENG or IT.

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Mauro D'Agati

Mauro D’Agati, born in 1968 in Palermo, gained a law degree before beginning working as a professional photographer in 1995. D’Agati specializes in social… More »

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