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What do you associate with playing tennis? A visor on the head, a short white skirt, the scorching sun, a net, waves a racket, the ball flies back and forth.
I will disappoint you. Men, according to my statistics, play tennis much more. Not a visor on the head, not a white skirt, not even a T-shirt, but a naked torso. All other associations and excellent play I watch in the summer from the window of my house overlooking the courtyard.


Mila Mokina-Khairullova

My immersion in photography began with the birth of my daughter. These were pictures for a family album. My daughter grew, and with it my skills improved. So, photography has become an integral part of my life. I recently found out that my grandfather was a photographer, although he was a doctor by profession. My photograph is life as I see it. My heroes are people, events, animals.

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