Read thoughts

I flap my wing – I delve into my thoughts.
I will read all your thoughts.
Scraps of colored letters shine
Just like gerberas in the garden.
Through clouds, fog and shroud.
I will accidentally drop my eyelashes.
Yes, yes, I see what I don’t want …

All thoughts give rise to the feelings and behavior of people.
Learn to laugh when you’re sad.
Listen, don’t let me in.
To be able to appreciate attention, friendship.
Be able to compose by syllables
From the cells of deep thought, simple important words:
Hi, hi
Bye, bye!

12 August 2009


Mila Mokina-Khairullova

My immersion in photography began with the birth of my daughter. These were pictures for a family album. My daughter grew, and with it my skills improved. So, photography has become an integral part of my life. I recently found out that my grandfather was a photographer, although he was a doctor by profession. My photograph is life as I see it. My heroes are people, events, animals.

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