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Gueules Gazées



Paris, June 2020. Milk is often used to alleviate burns that reach the eyes. Here, after the passage of the demonstrators, milk flows on the street.

Gueules Gazées is an ongoing documentary series showing the effects of tear gas among protestors. Grins, runny noses and burning eyes are just the visible effects. According to a study published by the French association of toxicology-chemistry the aftermaths of exposure could be serious and permanent damages might be caused to the nervous system, to the breathing apparatus and to the sight. Moreover it certifies the presence of small amounts of cyanide potentially toxic in case of long exposures.

Gueules Gazées tries not only to underline direct consequences of potentially lethal weapons used against civilians, but it also aims to show people’s strategies to relieve pain and provide first aid to those affected by the gas.

Heavily-armed police, LBD, tear gas: are there any other more peaceful means to provide security and safeness in public order policing?

Paris, June 2020. A protester sprays his face with milk.
Paris, June 2020. A protester makes a grimace of pain.
Paris, June 2020. Portrait of a protestor after being exposed to gas.
Paris, June 2020. Portrait of a protestor after being exposed to gas.
Paris, June 2020. A demonstrator receives assistance.
Paris, July 2020. A typical riot police squad: one of them is holding a LBD gun. The majority of serious injuries are caused by the reckless use of this weapon.
Paris, Juin 2020. A parisien café after being attacked with tear gas.
Paris, June 2020. A man trying to get out from the café after the attack.
Paris, June 2020. More and more protesters, aware of the effects, equip themself with the necessary to provide first aid.
Paris, June 2020.In this case an umbrella is used to better protect themself from “toxic winds”.
Paris, 2020. Another technique used is to curl up against the wind.
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