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These children are living in a bank of Turag river. They are vulnerable and living in poverty. They don’t have proper living style, decent meals, and education facility also. Growing up in poverty is harmful to their well-being and future life chances.

Most of them are going to involved in child labor. Their family doesn’t have enough financial solvency to take care of them properly, that’s why they are going to be an earning member of their family. They lead a very poor & unhealthy life too.

Those who are living in poverty are more likely to have poor physical and mental health, feel unsafe, low sense of well-being. They are experiencing social deprivation, stigma, and also experiencing bullying at school if some of them were in school.

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Md. Shamim Shahnewaz

Md. Shamim Shahnewaz is a Software Engineer and Documentary Photographer. As a human being, he wants to find social issues and the impact on defenseless people in society. He believes that photography has an impact on society and its development. So, his dream to become a documentary photographer.

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