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Goats: intelligent or idiots?

Turkey, Osmaneli – August, 2020

Have you ever think are goats intelligent animals or very stupid? This story is about the goat which was living on the backyard of my turkish father. You know in Russia we usually call bad men who makes bad or stupied things – goats. But let’s make it clear is it really like this? Are goats really stupid?

When i have seen this goat first time with so big horns i was in shock. I was scared this goat would gore me. But when my turkish father came to yard and told him: “Don’t touch” – he understood and only always try to kiss us with his tongue. And he never touched my small sone who is 1.5 years old. When ever he heard any commands from my father he listened him. For example when i try to made some photos he told him:” Look at photocamera!” and he really looked. He was most friendship goat I have been ever seen! So my first impression was fully wrong about him.

Well, here is a result: before you tell any men that he is stupied goat better first check maybe this man is not so bad…

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Since childhood, my soul has lived on the street, and although I had a house, I was a rare guest in it. This fact that influenced my work today. I am captivated by street shots in the moment, a flash of random stories, street constants. With my photographs I want to show people whose eyes are open, but they see little that is interesting nearby. Last 2 years doing NFT art.

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