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The idea of the project appeared during the pandemic, when everyone was staying at home on self-isolation. The daily routine of home confinement was a great trial for me. Online conferences and social networks were no substitute for real human conversation. Then I decided to look for new ways of communication and expand the boundaries of communication without using the Internet.

The kitchen is my favorite place for friendly meetings, so I took a picture of myself at the kitchen table, and put the pictures in envelopes that I sent to various cities in Russia and abroad to my friends, colleagues, there were about 30 letters (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Pskov, Chita, Kaliningrad, Zelenogradsk, Chernyakhovsk, Berlin, South Carolina). People received instructions and the topic of our dialogue along with the photo.

The meaning of the interaction was to express feelings and / or experiences through the visual language of the collage. My interlocutor could do with the photo whatever he saw fit, observing the topic of the conversation. Thus, revealing to me their understanding of the subject of discussion.

I and my interlocutors got a new unique experience of communication, which can also be called a collective creativity, although, none of my co-authors is a professional artist.

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Julia Gorbunova

Julia Gorbunova photographer from Kaliningrad. Part of her interests are focused on interdisciplinary approaches to photography and community engagement. Also, in her projects she… More »

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