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Cinema Paradiso… Bangladesh



EIDs come as a blessing to the work force in the film industry. Every corner was supposed to be jam packed. But because of the pandemic, the cinema hall remains empty.

Cinema or Film industry is an ever decaying industry in Bangladesh. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the sectors or industries that were massively affected, Cinema industry will remain on very top of the list.

For a very long period of time, film industry in Bangladesh is going through crisis and many of the Cinema Halls are being shut down. Since the year 2000, more than 900 cinemas have gone out of business, according to Bangladesh Motion Pictures Exhibitors Association. Less than 300 cinema halls remain open across Bangladesh.

Again, during this Pandemic situation, many film crews associated with production, actors, directors, cinema hall workers have lost their job. Many more cinema hall owners are also deciding to shut down as they can not simply bear the load of debt.

Old and decaying empty seats represents the condition the industry is going through.
Posters of the last projected films before pandemic
Empty office room. The owner had to let all the staff go as they can’t afford to bear the salary because of no business.
Empty projection room.
Wires remain unplugged.
Electric supply is shut down
Sound system remaining silent since 17 March 2020.
Projectors remains covered.
One of the most affected industry because of the pandemic remains locked down for an infinite time.

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Ayman Nakib

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